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Luxury Treatment Facility For Addiction in Switzerland —Clinic Les Alpes

Clinic Les Alpes is a fully licensed medical facility specialized in the treatment of all sorts of addictions, being to substances or behavioural. The philosophy at Clinic Les Alpes is to take a holistic approach to each patient and to provide them with individual treatment programs offering the best possible chance of recovery.

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Clinic Les Alpes is located near the town of Montreux, Switzerland. This medical facility is surrounded by a full Swiss background, including mountaintops, meadows, and forests. Lake Geneva completes this magnificent scenario. The location is relatively secluded from other nearby towns to give increased privacy for patients. Three nearby airports provide access to the facility from anywhere around the globe.


Clinic Les Alpes is a fully licensed inpatient medical facility aimed at helping people struggling with drug abuse and other dependencies. Clinic Les Alpes works around the clock with an extensive team of doctors, nurses, psychologists, counsellors, spa therapists and full hospitality personnel working to provide exclusive tailor made treatment and make their patients‘ journey to recovery the safest and most enjoyable way possible.

The founder of the Clinic Les Alpes spent 10 years working on his idea of establishing a highly acclaimed Swiss facility that helps people around the world to overcome their problems of addiction in a safe and supportive environment.

Areas of Specialization

The facility specializes in providing personalised treatment plans for various types of addictions. These include addiction to substances, such as alcohol and drugs, and behavioural addictions, such as those related to gambling, sex, or pornography. The facility also addresses related conditions, including eating disorders like bulimia and stress-related disorders such as severe burnout.

Upon admission, the patient will go through a thorough medical health check and a micro nutritional profiling. If necessary, as a full medical facility, Clinic Les Alpes can provide complete detoxication in-house under the constant monitoring of their experienced medical and nursing teams.

A personalised program will be drawn up between the medical team and the patient in order that it best suits their and unique needs and circumstances. At Clinic Les Alpes, an international, multilingual and very experienced team of counsellors and psychologists is available 7 days per week providing around 4 hours of counselling to each patient on a daily basis, two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. Clinic Les Alpes takes a deeper approach by also identifying any underlying condition which might have caused the addiction or can aggravate it further.

Recognizing that addiction also impacts the loved ones of the patient, the facility also caters to families by providing counselling sessions with a family therapist and/or alternately by offering a residential program designed to help and build a supportive environment for the patient and loved ones.

Recovery is a journey that requires practice and time. From day one, Clinic Les Alpes’ therapists will work together with the patient to build a personalised detailed aftercare plan. This includes working in relapse prevention strategies with the patient while still in-house and then, weekly counselling sessions, on site or by Skype, trimestral consultations with our head psychiatrist, booster stays of one week or few days to reinforce the key learnings of your recovery at Clinic Les Alpes.

Facts and Figures

Clinic Les Alpes has created 27 private and very comfortable bedrooms. All have glorious uninterrupted views across mountains, meadows, forests and the lake. The rooms are furnished with antique furniture and the finest linens. All bedrooms are ensuite.

Among several common spaces, the facility also houses a medical spa that encompasses an entire floor and is fully equipped with a gym, a sauna/hammam, and relaxation rooms. An infinity pool provides patients with spectacular views of Lake Geneva. Clinic Les Alpes’ Chef creates fresh, seasonal and balanced meals that also contribute to the wellbeing and long-lasting recovery. Patients can avail Clinic Les Alpes' pick up and drop off services, transporting them anywhere in Switzerland. The normal length of stay in this facility is 28 days, although this may vary based on the treatment plan prescribed. Addiction takes no vacation.

Clinic Les Alpes works 24/7 all year long, with full complement medical, nursing and hospitality service.



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  • Eating disorders

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