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Klinik Schloss Mammern | Top Rehabilitation Clinic in Switzerland
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Klinik Schloss Mammern is a world-renowned institute specialising in cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, oncological, and pulmonary rehabilitation. Located on Lake Constance, the clinic continues a proud century-old tradition of providing top-notch rehabilitative care. Luxurious inpatient services make the healing process as comfortable as possible.


Klinik Schloss Mammern straddles the shores of Lake Constance, a picturesque spot on the Swiss-German border. Patients enjoy tranquil waterfront views plus an array of activities to keep their spirits high. 

The inpatient facility boasts luxurious light-filled rooms with barrier-free bathrooms and modern hospital-style beds. Upscale gourmet cuisine ensures every meal becomes a true culinary treat.

The Zurich International Airport is just a 40-minute car trip away.


Klinik Schloss Mammern is a globally-recognised, Swiss-based institute operated by the same family since 1889. Before the clinic's foundation, the historic edifice served as a hydrotherapy health spa since 1621.

As a proud member of the Swiss Leading Hospitals group, Klinik Schloss Mammern is committed to providing personalised support. Patients receive high-quality, ongoing healthcare from the moment they enter the clinic. Experienced nursing staff understand the rehabilitation process and provide tailor-made care in a warm, comforting manner.

Klinik Schloss Mammern offers inpatient services for cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, oncological, and pulmonary rehabilitation. Specially trained physicians, therapists, doctors, and nurses, combined with industry-leading technology, ensure every patient receives world-class care.

Outpatient therapy focuses on physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and nutritional counselling. Specially trained sports therapists ensure ongoing monitoring and control.

The clinic retains full-time specialists in internal medicine, rheumatology, pneumology, cardiology, physical medicine, and nephrology. External consultants with varied specialisations - psychiatry, urology, oncology, endocrinology, radiology, and dermatology - are never more than a phone call away.

Fields of specialisation:

1. Cardiovascular rehabilitation

Klinik Schloss Mammern offers customised inpatient cardiovascular rehabilitation to optimise stamina and boost confidence. Patients with multiple existing illnesses benefit from industry-leading multidisciplinary care.

Muscle development training improves strength and stamina to bolster the patient’s quality of life. Targeted physiotherapy exercises see controlled increases in intensity and, if necessary, psychological support. Supplementary courses enable patients to continue the healing process long after concluding the programme.

2. Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

Klinik Schloss Mammern offers musculoskeletal rehabilitation to alleviate pain, restore mobility, and enhance the patient’s quality of life. The programme addresses age-related issues with worn or damaged bones, joints, soft tissue and spines, as well as internal diseases such as diabetes and heart conditions.

Multiple or severe diseases typically entail an inpatient rehabilitation programme. A sufficiently mobile patient with acute, inflammatory, or degenerative diseases may undertake a physiotherapy-focused outpatient programme instead.

3. Oncological rehabilitation

At Klinik Schloss Mammern, the oncological rehabilitation programme incorporates multiple interdisciplinary measures. The overarching aim is to enable patients to regain as much independence as possible in the face of a cancer diagnosis and its debilitating therapies.

Severe reactions to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, as well as malnutrition or inadequate at-home care, usually entail inpatient rehabilitation. Tailor-made programmes include post-operative, general oncological, and outpatient rehabilitation.

4. Pulmonary rehabilitation

Klinik Schloss Mammern provides pulmonary rehabilitation for patients with acute or chronic lung disease. The programme enables patients to improve physical fitness, enhance their quality of life, regain independence, and—where applicable—return to work.

Targeted treatments enhance fitness and stamina for patients with lung diseases such as pulmonary emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

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