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Clinic at Lake Lucerne with Exclusive Rehabilitation in Neurology
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Using the latest research from around the globe, cereneo gives patients the best chance of recovering from neurological incidents. This clinic combines medical practice with research, backed up by a team of experts, to care for its patients. The facility also provides several additional services to assist patients and their accompanying persons.


Located directly on the shore of Lake Lucerne, cereneo can be found near the city of Lucerne, in Switzerland. The Zurich airport is just a 45-minute drive from cereneo. Patients and visitors who want to travel by rail will discover three rail stations near cereneo: Zurich station, Lucerne, and Kuessnacht am Rigi.


The medical centre targets patients who have damaged nervous systems caused by stroke, Parkinson's disease, brain tumors, Multiple Sclerosis, memory disorders, ALS, or trauma to the brain and spinal cord among others. Patients are treated with the utmost care to enable them to become independent once more, and to restore their lost bodily functions.

Staff at cereneo uses combinations of medical therapy, movement and speech therapy, nutrition science as well as neuropsychology to give patients the best possible care.

The unique practice at cereneo is spearheaded by its Medical Director, Prof. Andreas Luft. He is a professor of Vascular Neurology and Rehabilitation, as well as a renowned neurologist and clinical scientist. Through his leadership, the cereneo Institute offers a uniquely holistic approach to neurorehabilitation. Dr. med. Leopold Zizlsperger is Medical Director at the clinic site in Vitznau.

Areas of Specialization:

cereneo relies heavily on evidence-based methods by keeping itself updated with the latest techniques in neurological rehabilitation. This strategy is made possible by the close links that the institute actively maintains with the University of Zurich, as well as other international partners. Patients at cereneo can rest assured that they are receiving the latest therapy methods, all backed by solid research.

At cereneo, providing the utmost care is the top priority. Medical staff members specialize in speech and swallowing therapy, physical and occupational therapy as well as  neuropsychology. The wide range of specializations allows staff to approach treatment with multiple methods. Each treatment plan is exclusive and personalized to each patient taking the patient’s current condition and personal objectives into account.

Being among the leading hospitals in neurorehabilitation, cereneo utilizes the latest technologies. As examples, it offers robot-assisted therapy, electrical stimulation, neuronavigation, magnetic resonance imaging, transcranial magnetic and 3-D movement and strength analysis, as well as telemetric electromyography.

cereneo also conducts several diagnostic services. Here is a short list of what the medical institute can offer:

  • magnetic resonance imaging
  • neuro-ultrasound diagnostics
  • electroencephalography
  • polysomnography
  • spiroergometry
  • gait analysis
  • neuropsychological examination
  • flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing 

Tele-rehabilitation (remote treatment) / second opinions

cereneo is not only considered one of the world's leading and most innovative clinics in the field of neurological rehabilitation for its inpatients and outpatients, it also accompanies a patient on the entire recovery journey with additional services such as a safe transfer of a patient to his or her home accompanied by a cereneo therapist, therapy at home worldwide as well as tele-rehabilitation, in which the therapy takes place via digital channels. For second opinions and advise on rehabilitation online consultations with a neurologist are available.

Tele-rehabilitation is available in several languages and includes the following medical areas:

- Speech therapy (German, English)

- Neuropsychology (German, French, English)

- Movement therapy (German, English)

- Nutritional therapy (German, English)

Other languages on request.

The telerehabilitation is based on an intensive study of the medical reports and medical letters of the patient, a consultation between doctor and patient as well as the internal advice of the team of doctors and therapists with appropriate recommendations on suitable therapy measures.

For the therapies via digital platform, the patient only needs a tablet or a laptop with camera and microphone as well as a stable internet connection. 

Facts and Figures:

cereneo has only 12 beds, allowing it to provide exclusive and intensive treatment to its clients. Each patient is assigned to three medical specialists in average, facilitating personalized rehabilitation.

Due to its close ties with the 5-star Park Hotel Vitznau, cereneo can help friends and loved ones with accommodations. The facility also has records of local hotels and apartments, allowing staff to give other accommodation options. cereneo provides medical transportation by air or land, and it also assists with visa-related services as well as concierge and translation services.

A Top Swiss Centre for Neurology and Rehabilitation - cereneo

Telephone number: +41 41 399 67 00
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  • Neurological rehabilitation

    stroke rehab / Multiple Sclerosis / Parkinson's disease / traumatic brain injury / spinal chord injury / brain tumor / disorders in movement, cognition or speech / aphasia / neglect, as well as any neurological malfunction or disease

  • Neurological treatments

    NIBS (non-invasive brain stimulation) / rehabilitation and adjustment after Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) / personalized gait analysis / Robotics / VR/gaming approaches / nutritional analysis

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