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An innovative boarding school in Bavaria – Schloss Neubeuern
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With 180 boarding places for boys and girls, Schloss Neubeuern is one of the largest and well-recognized boarding schools in Germany. The school provides value-oriented and consistent education with a focus on personality development.


The school is nestled in the stunning foothills of Upper Bavaria, Germany. It is situated halfway between Salzburg and Munich, a few kilometres away from the major skiing regions, golf courses, and Lake Chiemsee.


Established in 1925, Schloss Neubeuern is one of the leading boarding schools in Germany with a friendly atmosphere for pupils to live and learn. The school consists of 80% boarders and the remaining 20% are day pupils living in the surrounding area. 25% to 30% of the boarders are from international destinations such as Spain, Russia, Thailand, China, and Mexico.

Learning is exciting and fun for the pupils at Schloss Neubeuern, the teachers know all their pupils and have a connection with them. The classes are small, which gives room for flexibility and individualisation in the school system. The school focuses on the lives of their pupils and makes learning easy for them. The students wear school uniforms during the day to give them a unique appearance.

Small learning groups are booked online by the pupils for different projects. This practical experience will expose the kids to learn without a struggle. The pupils are offered responsible and constructive media training and lessons, which are aided by the computer to prepare the students for the future.

Schloss Neubeuern stands for ethical and fundamental values; and encourages learning with success and joy to achieve educational goals. It strives to be best in preparing young people for international and successful life.


Schloss Neubeuern offers the pupils lasting and continuous self-development through a productive and responsive media and computer-aided lessons at the utmost technical level. The school operates a thorough one-to-one iPad-programme in its Years 5 – 8. At the onset of Year 9, the students are taught to move from the traditional chalk, blackboard, pen and paper paradigm. The teachers and pupils make use of convertible tablet PCs in Years 9-12 for the school work.

Practical teaching is encouraged because the school puts much emphasis on modern technology and lifestyle. The practice is not seen only in public speaking, work experience placements, job application training and career days, but also in discussions, lectures, video conferences, and company visits organised by the school alumni. The pupils take part in national exchange programs, international school competitions and support groups with the support of subject teachers.

Extracurricular activities:

Sports are believed to be an aspect of holistic education in Schloss Neubeuern. The pupils are offered numerous sports guilds with advice and support from professionals. Traditional sports like climbing, mountain biking, golf, tennis, and snowboarding are encouraged in the school’s intensive sports programs. The pupils also have a balanced life with facilities such as fitness studio, streetball court, and others throughout the year.

Core Values:

Schloss Neubeuern represents ethical and fundamental values, which are valid for a lifetime.

A leading boarding school in Germany – Schloss Neubeuern

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  • Day Tuition

    €20,040 annually

  • Boarding Tuition

    €47,640 annually

  • Scholarships

    Academic / Music / Performing Arts / Sports / International student


  • A-Level pass rate

    GPA 2,3

  • Oxbridge entrance

    only on rare occasions

  • Russell group entrance

    only on rare occasions

  • University entrance


Teaching Environment

  • Total enrollment


  • Setting


  • Teacher - student ratio


  • Average class size


Programmes of Study

  • Academic programmes

    German Abitur

  • Extracurricular programmes

    Football / Theatre / Art / Swimming / Tennis / Volleyball / Horse-riding / Basketball / Table tennis / Chess / Dance / yoga / Badminton / Choirs / Golf / Drama / Robotics / Cooking / Mountain Biking / Kickboxing / Taekwondo


  • Main language


  • Language courses offered

    Spanish / German / Latin / French / Most languages can be offered as private lessons


  • Girls


  • Boys


  • Age of entry to school

    10 +

  • Age of entry to boarding houses


University Preparation

  • University counselling


  • Career counselling


  • Senior School Counselling



  • Full boarding


  • Day pupils


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