Top restaurants and eateries in Barcelona

With all that sea and sunshine, why waste time looking for a good restaurant? Check out our guide to the best local dining in Barcelona, so you can enjoy every moment of your Spanish holiday.

Barcelona is a city teeming with excitement and energy, and you’ll find that reflected in its fascinating array of eateries. 

From Michelin-starred gourmet cuisine to delectable picnic dishes, this city has it all, with that extra flare of Spanish spice. Browse through our little list of some of the top restaurants in Barcelona and keep your holiday caliente!


In the very nucleus of Barcelona, you’ll find Nuclo, a restaurant bursting with astonishing flavours and chic modern style. From design to cuisine, Nuclo strikes a delicate balance between avant-garde and traditional.

At once surprising and comforting, audacious and refined, this gourmet restaurant will delight with its energetically charged menu of traditional twists, delicate wine pairings, and stylish design.

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Cinc Sentits

There are few restaurants in the world that can enchant all five senses like Cinq Sentits. Located on the edge of Barcelona’s downtown, it is at the heart of the city’s famous gastronomic restaurants.

Sleek yet elegant design and warm ochre tones bring the focus to the food, which delights the eye and the nose in an instant.

Paired with a vast selection of world-class wines, these classic Spanish dishes are worlds above the tradition they were based on.

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Petit Comité

Petit Comité is one of few restaurants the manage to live up to its enormous hype. Fermí Puig’s most recent and long awaited venture, Petit Comité pairs fine dining with earthy warmth and chic design.

Small raciones instead of the traditional starter/main allow you to enjoy a selection of beguiling tastes—there are many to try. A sense of sharing is fostered, something delightfully uncommon in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

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Torre d’Alta Mar

Torre d’Alta Mar is one of Barcelona’s top restaurants—literally. Once a watch-tower, Torre d’Alta Mar now stands 75 m above the sea, offering panoramic views of the city that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

The only thing that might distract from the twinkling sea outside is the cuisine of tantalizing dishes.

Superlative seafood and meat, prepared in traditional Catala recipes that sparkle with innovation charm the taste-buds as the lights of Barcelona and the refined atmosphere charm the eyes.

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Moments—Mandarin Oriental

Nothing says sophistication like Moments restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. Luxurious elegance beguiles the eyes the moment you walk in the door, taking in the gleaming amber hues.

This elegance is only matched by the Michelin-starred cuisine prepared by Chef Carme Ruscalleda, who adds these to the 6 stars she has already earned in her illustrious career.

Enjoy the exquisite selection of wines paired perfectly with the delectable dishes in an atmosphere that makes you feel like royalty.

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For something a little different, try Cornelia&co—The Daily Picnic Store. 

For those who can’t miss one moment of that luxurious Barcelona sun, pick up some of the city’s tastiest snacks of bread and charcuterie and make a picnic.

Or, if you want to hang around in its comfortable and refined atmosphere, stay for a sumptuous meal prepared right before your eyes. A selection of world-class wines top off perfectly any picnic or meal in, along with a mouthwatering dessert.

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