The best fine dining restaurants in Berlin

Take a delicious taste of the eclectic free spirit that courses through Berlin with our picks for the top 5 gourmet restaurants in Berlin.
In the past 20 years, Berlin has redefined itself as Europe’s artsy, eccentric, free-spirit capital, and its restaurants reflect this energy in the most delectable fashion. So we’ve compiled a shortlist of our 5 favourite gourmet eats in Germany’s most vibrant city.


Perfectly balancing the juxtaposition of home-style, South German and Austrian cooking with a minimalist-chic design is Alpenstueck Restaurant.

Comprising its own renowned in-house bakery, the flavours are like taking your mother’s home recipes and refining them to fine-dining perfection. Simple, clean décor with natural wood accents gives this delightful restaurant a famously light and airy feel.

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Sage Restaurant

Set right on the banks of the Spree River, Sage Restaurant is a stunning conflation of New-York-style, urban-chic interior, a beach-like terrace (complete with sand and palm trees), pan-Italian cuisine, and five-star service.

You might think these all would clash, when, in fact, they create one of the most unique and delightful ambiences you can find in Berlin. And even if that wasn’t so exciting, the tantalising cuisine would have you coming back again and again.

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Reinstoff Restaurant

Tantalising and refined are the two words that best define this delectable restaurant. Twice awarded the Michelin star, the young chef Daniel Achilles breathes exciting new life into classic recipes using the finest ingredients and creativity, then hones them to utter perfection.

The restaurants design mirrors this balance of creativity and sophistication with contrasting black and white hues accented by silver and twinkling glass, making for one of Berlin’s most elegant eating establishments.

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Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer

If one place could epitomise Berlin´s flare for haute cuisine, Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer might be it. Located at the prestigious Hotel Adlon Kempinski, this two Michelin star restaurant is an unmissable dining experience thanks to its classy atmosphere and delicious dishes.

For an extra special evening, be sure to book a table by the window. The views of the Brandenburg Gate are simply breathtaking from here.

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Borchardt Restaurant

When a restaurant is as famous and stood as long as Borchardt Restaurant, it would be easy to get stuck doing the same thing. Not so here.

At the Borchardt Restaurant, while the atmosphere evokes fin-de-siècle elegance, the ever-changing menu boast some of the most succulent and exciting French/German dishes of anywhere in the world. Classic recipes are revived with energy and Michelin-star precision to bring you one of Berlin’s finest dining experiences.

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