Premium Europe launches the first Halal booking engine for Muslims

Premium Europe presents dedicated booking engine covering all Islamic travel needs.

Zurich based luxury travel agency Premium Europe has launched the first Halal booking engine in Europe for Muslim travellers and businessmen.

The platform provides unique holiday experiences in Europe that respect Islam as well as tailored travel support. The booking engine has an intuitive, user-friendly design that helps customers identify quickly if a luxury hotel meets all their needs – from bidets in rooms, to pork-free cooking arrangements or female only spa facilities.

Peter Zombori Premium Europe’s CEO: “In a time when the Muslim community is being discriminated by leading politicians, at Premium Europe we open our arms and extend a warm welcome to all Muslims, no matter the country they may come from. My team and I value diversity and we take pride on providing unique holiday experiences that are in harmony with Islam. We understand and respect Muslim needs and we feel it’s important to make gestures like this, to build bridges rather than walls.”

Muslim travellers are an important target group in the luxury segment. In many European countries, this group spends more money than any other.

Zombori chooses to see light in the dark situation generated by the new American president after his ban on Muslims: "Donald Trump condemns a huge religious community with enormous economic potential - if he doesn´t want these travellers we will take them pleasure. It is an opportunity for us and we thoroughly enjoy working with Muslim tourists."

Premium Europe has over 10 years of experience in the luxury travel industry and was the first luxury travel agency to combine a digital experience with individually personalised support. Aside from luxury holiday planning, the company also offers medical tourism solutions and helps parents select the best boarding schools in Europe for their children.

For more information please visit Premium Europe or contact our content manager.

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