Best Muslim friendly luxury hotels in Geneva

Take a look at our Top 3 pick of the best muslim friendly hotels in Geneva and enjoy your stay in Switzerland.

1. La Reserve, Geneva

This unique luxury hotel has plenty to offer the discerning holiday maker. Designed in the style of the most luxurious properties found on the great African savannahs, five star hotel La Reserve offers a taste of the exotic for your stay in Geneva.

The hotel also offers a whole host of services catering to every necessity of its Muslim guests. Islamic friendly food is available as well as a Middle-Eastern menu, female spa facilities and Arabic television channels are just some of the services and facilities on offer throughout the hotel.

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2. Le Richemond, Geneva

The views over Lake Geneva are breath-taking and are in part the reason why this hotel has hosted such famous names as Louis Armstrong and Charlie Chaplin over its long and star studded history. Art deco design and its maintenance of a fabulous culinary tradition in its gourmet restaurant, Le Jardin, ensure this hotel continues to be one of the finest luxury hotels around.

In order to meet the needs of the rich and famous, a conscientious attitude to guest service is plain to see at Le Richemond. For its Muslim guests the hotel offers excellent options for its hotel rooms such as a copy of the Qur’an, prayer facilities, a non-alcoholic minibar and bidets in the bathrooms.

This extensive service provision continues in all parts of the hotel with Islamic friendly dining facilities, a Middle Eastern menu and female only times in the spa, all available on advance request.

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3. The Mandarin Oriental, Geneva

The luxury hotel Mandarin Oriental offers everything you could want dream of in a five star accommodation, while also being perfectly located in reach of the main sites and attractions of central Geneva. Shopping and mountain views are all on the menu once outside, where as a wellness centre and Michelin starred restaurants do not disappoint upon returning to the hotel after a day out on the town.

The culinary excellence is also available for the Oriental’s Islamic guests whom may enjoy halal food cooked in a pork free environment. Once inside the luxurious hotel rooms and suites, guests may relax completely, safe in the knowledge that female housekeeping staff (for female guests) and the provision of facilities such as prayer mats are just a room service call away.

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