Best European destinations for luxury holidays

What do luxury holidays mean to you? If you’ve always dreamed of treating yourself to a five-star getaway, let us help you do it! Our guide to the top luxury holiday destinations in Europe is designed to inspire you and help you plan an unforgettable vacation.
Europe is blessed with an immense choice of destinations that are perfect for a luxury holiday. Each country on the continent offers a unique blend of language, culture and scenery, so it can be difficult to narrow down where to go. Make it easier by choosing a country to discover with our handy guide. You can rest assured that we only feature the finest hotels and villas to make your accommodation a sure-fire deluxe experience.


Portugal is an exciting country that combines the historic riches of one of Europe’s former great Empires with an astonishingly beautiful natural environment. A rich cultural offering can be found throughout the country, as well as outstanding wine and amazing food. The beaches of the Algarve coastline make it a great choice for family holidays, but there’s plenty for relaxing and romance too.
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Spain needs no introduction as the home of laid-back lifestyles and warm sunny climes. The main cities of Barcelona and Madrid offer vibrant culture and night-life, while the sun-baked Balearic and Canary Islands are blessed with some of Europe’s best beaches. Renowned for golfing, sangria and sunshine, each region has a unique sense of identity that’s just waiting to be discovered.
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Italy is certain to be on your list of must-visit destinations and it doesn’t disappoint. The ancient civilisations of the Roman Empire offer plenty of incredible discoveries, while there is enough art to keep even the keenest culture-vulture satisfied for a lifetime. Add the delicious cuisine and the fantastic produce of Tuscany’s vineyards and you are certain to return glad you had a taste of la dolce vita.
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France is often considered the last word in style and chic, but while Paris is certainly fabulous, there’s more to the country than its photogenic capital city. The French Riviera is home to the glamorous beaches of St Tropez and Cannes , where the jetset mingles on each other’s yachts. The romance of Provence’s olive grove landscape is legendary and offers rustic ambiance to your heart’s desire.
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Greece has much to offer a visitor looking for culture and breath-taking scenery. A particularly good destination if you enjoy being by the sea, the country is home to more than 3000 islands that are each a small world waiting to be discovered. The Ancient Greek civilisation left much to explore, while the intense beauty of the Aegean Sea is certain to capture your imagination.
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What can I do on holiday?

Once you‘ve decided on a destination, it‘s time to start planning what you want to discover when you‘re there. Our travel tips are designed to give you some inspiration, but don‘t forget to pencil in time for relaxing between sight-seeing excursions!
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