The top four Geneva Seal watch stores

Explore Geneva’s most famous export: luxury watches. These four watchmaking leaders are honoured regularly with the Canton of Geneva’s most prestigious award: the Geneva Seal.
Authorised since 1886, The Geneva Seal is one of the highest marks a luxury mechanical watch can receive, as well as one of the world’s oldest production marks, a sign of exquisite movement and finest quality finishing.

These four famous watchmakers regularly submit their pieces and are awarded the Geneva Seal, or Poinçon de Genève, making them some of the finest watch shops anywhere in the world.


This famous brand, while founded in Paris in 1847, has recently become a regular recipient of The Geneva Seal. A world leader in fine jewellery, Cartier has been diving into the world of horology with unmitigated success in recent years.

Its first timepiece to bear the coveted Geneva Seal, the Ballon Bleu Flying Tourbillon, was released in 2008 after installing 10 master watchmakers at its new facility in Geneva. Though many thought this a one-time stunt, Cartier has released its second, the Tank Américaine Tourbillon Volant, solidifying its standing amongst the worlds finest watchmakers.

The Boutique Cartier on Geneva’s famous Rue du Rhône offers these fine pieces.

Roger Dubuis

The only brand of luxury watches that can label itself “125 years 100% Poinçon de Genève Certified”, Roger Dubuis’s timepieces set the highest standard. Beset by a shifting hierarchy and management overhauls in recent years, Roger Dubuis timepieces are again pushing the boundaries of elegance, function, and finesse.

Having just released a new piece with unmatchable precision (running at a frequency 4 times higher than any other) called the Quatuor, which has just been offered in silicon rather than the usual 18-karat rose gold (and at a price of 1 million CHF), this brand is one to watch.

With headquarters in Meyrin and a fine boutique on Rue du Rhône, this one is not to miss.

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Vacheron Constantin

Another brand synonymous with the city of Geneva and the prestigious Geneva Seal (sometimes called the Hallmark of Geneva), is Vacheron Constantin. Few brands boast the history of quality and finesse of Vacheron Constantin: over 250 uninterrupted years!

Unlike the others, the Vacheron Constantin watchmaking label was born, raised, and has remained based in Geneva its entire long life. With the Geneva Seal’s tightened scrutiny and heightened requirements (added to the 12 existing parameters as of 2012), Vacheron Constantin’s timepieces only look better.

Take a peak in the doors of their fine boutique at the Place de Longermalle in Geneva for a closer look.

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Few labels inspire the lust for fine timepieces like Chopard. Founded in 1860 but really taking off after it was purchased by Karl Scheufele III in 1963, this luxury brand of fine watches has scaled the ranks to a highly coveted place.

It’s line dating back to the founding of the company, L.U.C, has been consistently decorated with the Geneva Seal and stands as one of the finest lines of timepieces to this day. They have even released a special 125th anniversary, L.U.C XPS Poinçon de Genève model, dedicated to the fine and determined work of those who award the Seal.

With boutiques on and around the Rue du Rhône, this is one not to miss on your Timepiece Tour.