Always a top holiday destination and one of the most important cultural sites on the Mediterranean, let our guides help you make the most of your holiday in the Capital of Culture, 2013: Marseille.
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This year, Marseille now joins a list of some 40 great cities, begun in Athens in 1985 and including Paris, Florence, Amsterdam and Prague, as it is named 2013's European Capital of Culture. The Mediterranean's gateway to Europe, Marseille is one of the most dynamic and fascinating cities in the world, and the events and changes brough about by the Capital of Culture only heightening its appeal. Our guides below will help you navigate the sights, the sounds, and the tastes of this captivating city and make the most of your getaway to Europe's City of Culture.

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Best museums in Marseille // the French Riviera
Discover some of the best art galleries, expositions and museums in Marseille with our exclusive guide....
BouillaBest: Marseille's top bouillabaisses // the French Riviera
2013’s European Capital of Culture is swimming in this savoury fish stew, but finding the real bouillabaisse can be tough. Let our shortlist guide you to some o...

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