Where to eat Marseille’s best bouillabaisse

2013’s European Capital of Culture is swimming in this savoury fish stew, but finding the real bouillabaisse can be tough. Let our shortlist guide you to some of the best restaurants in Marseille to try its most renowned dish: bouillabaisse.
Tourist traps are spring-loaded for travelers seeking an authentic taste of Marseille’s most famous dish, and finding an authentic one can be a challenge. Even the Bouillabaisse Charter of 1980 did little to stem the number of restaurants selling knockoff versions of the renowned fish stew, and as Marseille becomes the Capital of Culture, there are sure to be more than ever. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best bouillabaisse restaurants in town, to help you get a true taste of this delectable Mediterranean delicacy.

The traditional—Chez Madie les Galinettes

This small restaurant on the north side of Marseille’s Vieux Port is well known to locals and provides a perfect, traditional style of bouillabaisse.

Following the rules of the Charter, cooking with only locally caught fish and real Provençal herbs and spices takes it far above the mundanity of the traditional. And the views across the harbour toward Notre-Dame de la Garde add a Marseillaise goût to the sumptuous desserts. Remember to book in advance—this place fills up fast.

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The eccentric—Le Château, Sormiou

If you’re up for a little drive and want to get away from the city, this one’s for you. Tucked in one of Marseille’s famous calanques, the Calanque de Sormiou, Le Château is a tiny restaurant that recalls a Mediterranean eatery from another time.

Eclectically decorated, this restaurant serves up steaming home-cooked bouillabaisse that will have you asking for thirds as you sit on its sun-caked terrace and enjoy the white rocks and azure sea of the calanque.

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The cheeky—l’Aromat

One of the new, irreverent young chefs taking to the restaurant scene in Marseille is chef Sylvain Robert of l’Aromat restaurant. Just off the south side of the Vieux Port, Robert is turning bouillabaisse on its head in producing his now famous bouillabaisse burger.

You heard right, this burger is a cheeky twist to this old recipe and is mouthwateringly delicious, as are the local wines served in this cosy and light dining room. Using traditional seasonal ingredients and Provençal spices, this restaurant manages to bring bouillabaisse to the 21st century.

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The hands-on—Le Miramar

For those of you looking to get involved and learn to make your own bouillabaisse, this restaurant offers exceptional cooking classes every 3rd Thursday of the month. Learn the craft, from the catching to the serving, of the staple of Marseillaise dining from one of the original Chartered restaurants.

Or, if you’d rather just sample the finished product, this restaurant in the heart of old Marseille and right on the Vieux Port produces some of the finest examples of this classic Mediterranean dish in a fabulously charming setting.

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