Snowboarding and skiing in the exclusive ski area of Courchevel!

Let our exclusive online guide help you to find the best slopes for children, beginners or pros – with information about fun parks or snow parks with an interactive slope plan!
The ski area of Courchevel provides 150 kilometres of over 90 slopes and is a winter sports paradise for everyone. Many slopes are provided for beginners and families but slopes for pros and snowboarders can also be found here. Off the slopes, there is a dream world full of untouched snowy hillsides which provides great fun for brave skiers!

Grand Couloir (for advanced skiers)

At the Grand Couloir you will find challenging slopes, which are perfect for skiers and snowboarders. You will not get bored of this diverse area!

Top Tip: The Couloir equally provides easier slopes.

La Praz (panorama skiing)

The scenic slope of La Praz is one of the most beautiful slopes of the whole ski area. You will ski down broad hills, with great views all of the way!

Top Tip: Visit this slope on a sunny day!

Zen Zone Courchevel (for children and beginners)

There are two Zen zones in Courchevel, which are suitable for children and beginners. On the wide and flat hills, you will safely and securely have a try at your first time skiing.

Top Tip: There are also some nice easy obstacles, where you can utilize your new skills!

Zen Zone Courchevel Moriond (for children and beginners)

The Zen Zone, Courchevel Moriond is similar to the Zen zones in Courchevel – this is a place where children and beginners are very welcome and perfect for taking their first steps on the boards.

Top Tip: In Courchevel Le Praz you will find another Zen Zone, which has been made for children and beginners, no matter what age!

Family Park Vernon (for families)

At the lift station of Verdon you find a fun family park, where both small and big slope runners will have a lot of fun! They feature many obstacles such as tables, rails, jumps and a boarder cross slope. The whole family will have a great time here!

Top Tip: You can lie back in the cosy sun loungers provided at this park and enjoy your holiday.

Courchevel Moriond (family slopes)

The slopes leading to Courchevel Moriond are relatively flat and easy. Families with little experience can ride gently down the hill without any difficulty.

Top Tip: All of the slopes here are marked blue and very advanced skiers will probably get tired after a while here!

Combe de la Saulire (for carving and advanced skiers)

The Combe de la Saulire is a very beautiful slope. It begins at a height of 2,700 metres with a length of 3 kilometres. Advanced skiers will have great fun here and enjoy the beautiful scenic views.

Top Tip: If you get here early in the morning, you will find a perfect carving slope!

Freestyler Fun Park (for freestyle)

Amongst the lift station of Combe and Signal, the Freestyler Fun Park provides a bundle of obstacles for you, both easy and hard. For freestyle fans this is the best place to be!

Top Tip: The Freestyler Fun Park is excellent for both beginners or advanced!

Snake Park (Border cross park)

The Snake Park is a border cross park, which is suitable for beginners and pros. Anyone who would like to try out border cross, will have lots of fun here!

Top Tip: There is another fun park, called The Woodpark – the unique selling point of this park is that all the obstacles are made out of wood!

Courchevel (alternative winter sports activities)

Courchevel has an abundance of alternative winter sports activities to offer! In this area you find up to 17 kilometres of winter hiking or nine different routes for snowshoe hiking, which all lead you through the forests around Courchevel. If you would like to explore the area away from the marked slopes you should book a guide to be safe and they will show you the best spots of the winter wonderland!

Top Tip: If you would like to see Courchevel from a bird’s eye view you can book a helicopter trip, or take a trip on a hot air balloon, if you would like to see the area in a more peaceful way.