Top hike weekend getaway in the Pyrenees

Want to escape the city? Our insider Jahn Schlosser, author of the book #BCN - by locals, shows you how with this scenic trip to the Pyrenees.
Northern Spain has some rarely discovered jewels to offer and one of them is the Pyrenees. Located just a short car ride up from Barcelona, this spectacular mountain range inspires hikers and bikers alike with its delightful mountain huts and breath-taking views. Check Page 2 to discover how you can enjoy a weekend full of adventures from under 200€/person!

Getting there

From Barcelona, we drove in the direction of the Vallter skiing area (Girona), located just 140 km away, in the eastern part of the Pyrenees. Once there, we parked somewhere in the serpentines up the mountain and hiked for about 20 minutes through a wonderful green scenery to get to what was going to be our ‘basecamp’: the Refugi Ulldeter, a charming mountain hut with mesmerising views, hearty food and unbeatable prices. You can sleep here from as little as 16€!

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Refugi Ulldeter Website

Hiking up to the Fountain of the River Ter

As we reached our base early in the afternoon we used the rest of the day to explore the area and chose to hike to a fountain close by. There are numerous peaks and trekking routes around the mountain hut so if you are visiting and don‘t know where to go, don‘t be shy to ask the friendly staff!

Our first impression of the area was indescribable. The mountains enjoy an absolute calmness that makes you leave all your troubles behind. We even made a new hiking partner on our way - a mountain dog that just decided to follow us. Sadly, we later learned that it did not belong to any of the guests staying that night at the hut…

Relaxing in style

After reaching the mountain we returned to the mountain hut to refresh the spirits with a warm dinner and some drinks. Dinner at Refugi Ulldeter was 17€ but you can choose to have a sandwich, omelettes or soups for under 10€.  There was also a wide range of hot and cold beverages although I have to say that I personally could have done with a glass of the Catalan national drink Ratafia.

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