Top attractions for families in Ibiza

Our insider guide offers you some of the best family-oriented activities and adventures in Ibiza.

1. Slippin’ and slidin’ at Aguamar

Unleash your children and your inner child at the renowned Aguamar Water Park. With dozens of speedy, exciting rides and slides, mini-slides for the little ones, wading pools, restaurants, and fathoms of excitement, there’s nothing like a day here to let everyone go a little wild.

Only 10 minutes from Ibiza town and the airport, it’s ideally located. The restaurants are all kid-friendly and the picnic areas provide a nice shaded place to relax and watch the fun.

2. Explore the island on the Tourist Trains

Explore the spectacular scenery of the island from the cute comfort of the Ibiza tourist trains.

Offering several routes with frequent stops at some of Ibiza’s more remote beaches and lookouts for pictures, swimming, and sunbathing, there’s truly no better way for the whole family to explore the north of the island. Local guides point out the more amusing or interesting local facts along the way, so you’re guaranteed to learn something too!

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3. Recharge at Sa Punta Restaurant

Rest and recharge at this delightful restaurant in the bay of Talamanca.

Owners Randolphe and Rita Sachs know how to make a restaurant that appeals to both children and adults, offering delicious, fresh and exciting Spanish fare for the adults and tried and true kids-meals, a children area with face-painting, trampolines and a variety of other amusements, all right on the glimmering waters of the Mediterranean. For a sure way to make everyone happy, this must be among the best bets.

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4. Snorkeling at Cala Bassa

Dive into this natural swimming pool a short way from Sant Antoni and discover the magical world just beneath the surface.

Kids and adults alike will be enchanted by the brilliantly coloured marine life just below the brilliant blue and exquisitely clear water. Cala Bassa is one of Ibiza’s most beautiful golden beaches, with velvet-soft sand and a protected cove that is ideal for snorkeling. Take a short and scenic boat ride from Sant Antoni and make a day of it.

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5. Discover the Cova de Can Marça

Get some underground adventure at the Cova de Can Marça, Ibiza’s largest and most spectacular cave system. Hike up a picturesque pathway with exquisite views a short ways from the Port de Sant Miguel before entering the cave, an awe-inspiring space of golden stalactites.

Once used by smugglers, now the lower caves feature exciting light-shows in the glittering waterfalls and pools that are easily one of the most memorable moments.

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