Top activities for family holidays in Venice

Get the insider scoop on the best activities that will delight every age group so you can have the best family holiday in Venice.
The floating city might not seem like the ideal destination for the family, but take a peak at our guide to the wealth of family activities and see what an unforgettable time awaits. From helicopter tours to scrumptious gelato, let every member of the gang enjoy the very best of Venice.

Go gondolier—Row Venice gondolier lessons

Venice’s famous boatmen make it look easy, spiriting people through the winding canals, but try give it a try with Row Venice and see just what a fun and challenging activity it can be.

Learn the rowing techniques—or voga alla veneta—that have been passed down through centuries of gondoliers and have a blast trying to make the long traditional boats go anywhere. Step back in time with the whole family and experience first-hand a true Venetian experience.

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Beaches, beaches, and beaches—Biking and beach fun Lido

Just south of the city is Lido, a long sand-bar island that has been recently revived offering warm, sun-soaked beaches and Belle-Époque beauty. Popular amongst Venetian children and tourists alike, the beaches a perfect for a dip, while all the restaurants are perfectly kid-friendly and tasty.

To beat the crowds, rent bicycles and head along the island to glimpse stunning views and find secluded spots just for you.

Masked magic—Mask making at Ca’ Macana

Nothing says Venice like the famous Carnevale masks. At Ca’ Macana, not only can you browse the spectacular collection of jewel-encrusted pieces, but the whole gang can try their hands at decorating their own.

Choose from many different templates and with the help of master mask-makers, design and create your personalised disguise and get set to hit the streets for Carnevale!

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Iced-cream dream—Hunt for Venice’s best gelato

Venice is packed with this Italian treat and every street seems to have its special scoop. Take a look and a lick all over town to see if you can find the best.

Try Alaska, a gelateria specialising in bizarre and exciting flavours from local produce, or see if you can find Suso Gelatoteca, arguably one of the city’s best and hidden just off St. Mark’s Square. No matter where you go, you can be sure that this is the sweetest way to discover the city.

Bird’s eye view—Heliair helicopter tours

For an experience that’s meters above the rest, try a personalised helicopter tour of the city with Heliair Venice.

Get a one-of-a-kind look at the city as you swoop across the lagoon or enjoy mountain panoramas as you glide toward to nearby Dolomites. A perfect escape for the whole family and anyone who wants an unforgettable experience that’s way above the ordinary.

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