Leading doctors provide insights and advice about the very latest medical developments and trends in health screening, medical check-ups and disease prevention.
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Learn more about how health screening and medical check-ups are used as part of preventive medicine to prevent disease and slow down the ageing process, in our exclusive series of interviews with leading specialists in the fields of disease prevention, early diagnosis and anti-ageing medicine. 

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How the young at heart can age gracefully // Hamburg
In this interview, Prof. Dr. Bamberger, a leading expert in anti-aging treatments, shares his opinion the latest developments in anti-aging medicine and disease...
How you can prevent age related diseases // Hamburg
Leading expert in preventive medicine, Prof. Dr. Bamberger, shares his knowledge  and experience about the prevention of aging-related diseases....
How do health checks work? // Hamburg
Prof. Dr. Bamberger, Hamburg, Germany shares his professional expertise about medical check-ups to let you know more about health screening. Continue reading to...
How to live a longer, healthier life // Düsseldorf
How can you live a longer and healthier life? Prof. Dr. U. Nixdorff of the European Prevention Centre in Düsseldorf talks about the advantages of preventive mea...
cost of fully body screening //
Rainer Arendt (MD), doctor at the leading check-up centre in Zurich, Switzerland, shares his know-how on costs and procedures on medical check-ups...
Top medical check-up clinics in Europe //
What is health screening and where can I have it? An overview of the best medical check-up clinics in Europe for state-of-the-art health screening, preventive m...
10 tips for healthy aging // Hamburg
Profesor Dr. Christoph M. Bamburger, of the Medical Prevention Centre Hamburg (MPCH) in Germany explains 10 simple and easy-to-follow steps ...

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