The best medical check-up clinics in Europe

What is health screening and where can I have it? An overview of the best medical check-up clinics in Europe for state-of-the-art health screening, preventive medicine and second opinion services
Arranging a medical-check up or health screening is easy with dedicated professional support.

Our overview of the top clinics in Europe for private medical check-ups will help you find the service you need for your reassurance and peace of mind.

Double Check

Double Check is a clinic in the heart of Zurich that offers health checks and second opinion.

It is particularly suitable if you are looking for the highest standard of medicine and medical knowledge with the utmost in convenience.

Double Check was founded by the famous Prof. Dr. med. Lüscher (an expert in cardiology) and some other renowned professors of the University Hospital in Zurich, and maintains extremely high standards.

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EPC Düsseldorf

The concept of the European Prevention Centre (EPC) in Dusseldorf embraces the unique idea of combining tools for early diagnosis with tools for prevention in order to find the best outcomes for the patient.

Individual risks form the basis for the clinic‘s approach to clients. Convenience and the highest standards of professional expertise also play an important role in the structure of EPC founded by Prof. Dr. med. Nixdorff.

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MPCH Hamburg

Prof. Bamberger and his team at the University Hospital Eppendorf in Hamburg have turned their mission into enhancing the well-being of their clients and patients at the high-level diagnostic centre by influencing and slowing down the process of aging and its associated illnesses and conditions.

Besides the newest technologies in diagnostics they emphasise medical coaching and personal responsibility in a very successful way.

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Lucerne Health

The Swiss Prevention Centre is a project by Lucerne Health offering patients and clients the utmost expertise in prevention and early diagnosis of diseases.

Combining the knowledge of the best physicians at the renowned Lucerne hospitals guarantees the patients highest standards of diagnostics and interpretation.

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These four clinics and institutes are a choice of the top European clinics for medical check-ups.

Of course, many other clinics and hospitals offer the valuable advantages of a comprehensive and convenient health screening.

These include: Klinik St. Anna in Lucerne, the Swiss Paraplegic Centre, Health Centre Bad Ragaz, Klinik Hirslanden Zurich, Clinique Générale-Beaulieu Geneva, Clinique Bois-Cerf Lausanne, Clinique Cecil Lausanne, Klinik Birshof Münchenstein/Basel, Klinik Beau-Site Berne, Salem-Spital Berne, Klinik Permanence Berne.

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