How much is the cost of a medical check up?

Rainer Arendt (MD), doctor at the leading check-up centre in Zurich, Switzerland, shares his know-how on costs and procedures on medical check-ups

How much does a check-up cost in Switzerland?

This really depends on the type of check-up. A fairly simple health screening will cost around 2200 CHF (1900 Euro) and a more advanced one will cost around 4500 CHF (4000 Euro).

Generally a medical check-up depends on the history of the patient, age and the personal needs of the patient. 

Is a medical check up less expensive in Germany?

Not a lot, the price differences will range between 10-15%. As with most things, Switzerland is a little more expensive, also due to the negative effects of the current exchange rates. 

To me the most important thing is to find a physician who has enough time to discuss the results and who might be able to give solid advice based on the facts of the check-up. 

And how about health screenings in the UK?

Same here, the prices do not vary a lot. Again, it depends the procedures and examinations. 

So what kind of screening tests would you recommend?

From my point of view I would recommed to go for the following examinations:  

• Personal pre-counseling and medical exam. 
• Blood tests, vaccine history and profile completion (dietary habits, physical activity). 
• Cognitive check, including eye pressure measurement, hearing test, sight and field of vision test.
• Performance analysis of the heart, and cardiopulmonary system. 
• Appraisal of important findings by medical professors, with personal in-depth explanation of results. 

Depending on your needs, additional imaging technologies may or may not be used. But if you are cost sensitive than be aware. The imaging techologies are very pricy!

A checkup provides . . . insights into the risk of acquiring a variety of diseases in the future . . . 

Dr. Arendt

Are there any special cancer screenings?

We recommend a colonoscopy to rule out colon cancer every 5 to 8 years, starting at the age of 50. However, if there is a family history of colon cancer, the first colonoscopy is performed much earlier.

We recommend a mammography at the age of 40, with followups by ultrasound or mammography at intervals that are suggested by the responsible medical societies.

If there are special risks (e.g., physicists with radiation exposure) or concerns (heavy smokers), we may do extended cancer checks at any age.

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