Maintaining a good level of mental health is an important issue which is often underestimated.
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A gradual development in public perception and understanding of mental health issues means this is changing. A lot can be done to maintain or to re-establish balance in your mental health. In this section, leading experts in their field talk about mental health and well-being and what we can do for it, by explaining and discussing common problems including depression, burnout and addiction.

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Burnout Syndrome //
Burnout is more and more frequent in our society due to our daily life routines and rhythm. We have interviewed Dr. Michael Huber former consultant in neurology...
Burnout Treatments //
There are different treatments and methods to help you deal with burnout and Dr. Michael Huber, with over 20 years of experience in the field, gives us speciali...
Burnout Prevention //
If you feel that your daily routine is taking a toll on your personal life, these effective prevention strategies presented by Dr. Michael Huber will help you t...
Christmas stress and depression //
Dr. Ian Drever talks about Christmas stress and anxiety in this exclusive interview to help you enjoy the holidays healthily....

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