Burnout syndrome therapy

There are different treatments and methods to help you deal with burnout and Dr. Michael Huber, with over 20 years of experience in the field, gives us specialised advice on how to choose the best one.
In this exclusive interview, Dr. Michael Huber an experience therapist trainer and psychoanalyst, provides information on the different types of treatments to deal with burnout syndrome and advice on how to choose the right treatment and the right specialised clinic.

What treatments are available for burnout?

The only treatments available for burnout are those for manifest illnesses such as hypertonia, depression, other physical symptoms or anxieties. Persons at risk for burnout syndrome should seek guidance from doctors and psychologists to develop strategies for preventing secondary mental or physical illnesses. This assistance must take into account personality structure, previous experience, behavioural strategies used by affected persons in their work environments, their previous relationship experience as well as their emotional and social resources.

Are there forms of burnout treatment that are particularly successful?

All existing treatment studies are doubtful in their effectiveness. All that is certain is that cognitive behavioural therapy can help eliminate emotional exhaustion. Hence, individuals need an individualised and preventive approach that should include psychological therapy when needed.

Does burnout need to be treated in a clinical facility or can it be done on an outpatient basis? How do I find the right clinical facility?

Only in cases of serious exhaustion do individuals need to stay in a specialised clinic. In most cases, individuals can seek coaching while still on their jobs. Individual coaching should be dynamic, developing new strategies that participants can test in their existing work environments. Preventive interventions have the best chance of halting the advance of personality changes and psychophysical exhaustion when started as early as possible.

Dr. Michael Huber

Dr. Michael Huber has worked for more than 20 years as an attending physician in neurology and psychosomatic medicine for university hospitals in West Germany. In recent years he has specialised on supervising psychological and workplace-related change for those with management positions in economics, government and institutions.

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