How to lose weight safely with expert help

Losing weight is a complex process that can be influenced by many factors, including a good diet. We asked the specialist nutritional team at Swiss medical wellness spa Grand Resort Ragaz to share their thoughts on the subject.

What do you need to do to lose weight? We asked the medical team for weightloss programmes at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland to share their expert advice on the subject.

Are weight loss drugs a good idea?

There are a variety of weight loss drugs, weight loss pills or weight loss injections on the market, but they really don’t offer the quick fix they appear to. Drugs can be helpful but not for every patient. First of all, you should try to change your lifestyle with the weight-loss programme and with the help of a personal trainer. After this, and only if it’s really necessary, can drugs be added on the advice of a qualified doctor. But our target is always to avoid drugs as it is absolutely not the solution to the underlying problem.

Will you get better results at a clinic?

Most of our patients have tried many diets with and without help. Unfortunately, most of them were unsuccessful because they did not learn that they need to change their lifestyle more than anything.

It‘s difficult to give advice, because losing weight is a personal matter. Some overweight people don’t like to go outside or visit public areas and such people need help from specialists.

These people are not only looking for help to lose weight, they also want somebody who they can talk through their personal issues with. In the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, we have a great established team with Dr Christian Hoppe, a dietician and Cristoph Mannhart, a nutritional scientist.

It’s important for overweight patients to have a reliable, expert team. On the other hand, patients who are staying in the luxury hotel have many advantages such as extensive wellbeing & spa facilities, several pools filled with pure thermal water, two golf courses, stylish modern suites, shops, restaurants, park area, etc.

As we all know, if we like the atmosphere, the friendly people, we will feel relaxed and at ease – this is a place where we want to stay, and it makes the process easier.

Why is losing weight so important?

Our BMI (body measurement index) should be between 20 and 24. If your BMI is over 25, you are overweight and should think about reducing your weight before you get into serious health problems.

This is important because of cardiovascular system and metabolism, but also because the risk of getting diabetes and joint problems is very high for overweight people.

Our quality of life is much better if we feel strong and healthy, because otherwise, it’s possible the psychological problems might occur.

Weightloss Programme at Resort Ragaz

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers weightloss programmes to help you lose weight and learn new habits for a healthier lifestyle.

Available for stays of at least one week, the programme includes fitness, nutritional counselling and medical analysis of your excercise and eating habits.

CONTACT US for a personal advice. We will be happy to find the best programme for you!