Best weight loss retreat programmes in Europe

Our medical wellness hotels belong to the best in Europe, and provide residential weight-loss retreats that combine five-star service with medical expertise to help you optimise your weight in the most relaxing setting possible.
Our selection of the best medical wellness programmes dedicated to weight-loss will guarantee you a good start to the process. Learn more about weight-loss programmes below.

What is a weightloss programme or retreat?

Losing weight is a complex process that must take into account many factors: physical fitness, eating habits, personal well-being, life-style, relationships and environment.

Many people will find it difficult to know where to start, and it is important to make sure you lose weight in a way that is safe for your health.

A typical weight-loss programme is designed to consider all these factors. Specialists in weight-loss and obesity will be on hand, as well as nutrition and fitness experts to provide you with intensive support during your visit.

What is included in a typical weight-loss programme?

While all weight-loss retreats are a bit different, all programmes in our partner hotels are tailor-made to an individual’s exact requirements and to achieve the best results.

Given the many factors that can influence weight-loss, there is no specific recipe, but a selection of different services depending on the philosophy of the medical director.

The ideal combination for any patient is certain to include weight-loss through diet and fitness alongside measures to boost self-confidence, emotional well-being and coaching preparation for life after the retreat. These can include:

  • Analysis of eating habits and nutritional advice
  • Personal training programme
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Sleep laboratory
  • Healthy, light cuisine 
  • Medical examination and screening for diseases where obesity is a risk factor
  • Measurement of body mass index, body fat percentage and cardiovascular fitness levels
  • Medical consultations before, during and after the programme
  • Detailed personalised diet and exercise programmes for resuming normal life
  • Alternative therapies and spa treatments

Why should I go to a medical wellness resort?

A weight-loss programme under the supervision of medical professionals will allow you to kick-start the process of losing weight.

It should also help you evaluate the reasons for being overweight, in order to help you make permanent changes in your lifestyle.

Being able to stay for a week or several in a relaxed and inspiring environment can help your focus on this challenge, as well as making it easy to change your habits.

Healthy cuisine, excellent fitness facilities and five-star accommodation are certain to make the process less daunting.

How much does a weight-loss programme cost?

Optimum results are likely to be seen the longer you spend on the weight-loss retreats.

Many medical wellness resorts offer the option of prolonging your stay, in addition to offering highly personalised programmes.

Depending on the resort, it can cost from 2000€ – 3500€ per week, excluding accommodation, with reductions in subsequent weeks for patients who choose to stay for longer.

Find out more

Our team of medical and travel experts at Premium Europe are on hand to help find the right medical weight-loss programme for you.

Our network of top medical wellness hotels and private clinics throughout Europe provide an unparalleled quality of medical expertise and hospitality.

Just contact us today and we will be happy to create a bespoke programme for you.

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