Expert nutritional advice for weight loss: part 2

Good nutrition is an important factor in successful weight loss.We asked the nutritional counsellor and dietician for the Weightloss Programme at Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland for expert advice on nutrition.

Nutrition is a crucial aspect of losing weight, but with so much conflicting advice, it can be difficult to know what to pay attention to. We asked the diet counsellor for the Weightloss Programme at Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland for professional advice.

7. Is it ok to get vitamins from supplements?

If your daily food contains vegetables, salads and proteins (balanced nutrition) you can abstain from supplements. But in the case of a laboratory-confirmed defect, you should consider taking high quality supplements.

8. How much water do I really need?

This depends on how active you are. Drinking 1.5 - 2 litres per day is recommended, but it depends on your lifestyle.

9. Is coffee bad for my health and weight?

Drinking too much coffee will clear out too much minerals and water via urine. 3 – 4 cups coffee or other caffeinated drinks per day should be ok for an average person.

10. Is it ok to eat eggs regularly?

Some people seem to have heard a myth that you should only eat one egg per week or even less. If you don’t have cholesterol problems, it’s not an issue how many eggs you eat in a week. Should you have elevated cholesterol values, you should not eat more than 3 eggs per week, but your doctor will explain this to you if you are diagnosed with high cholesterol.

11. Is it bad to miss breakfast?

It depends on the individual. If skipping breakfast doesn‘t leave you with excessive cravings and lead you to consume too much at lunchtime, then it could be safe to miss it.

12. Is being vegetarian really healthier?

With vegetarian food, you have access to a good supply of nutrients. But this depends on you knowing how to eat so that you don’t miss out any vitamins, minerals, micronutrient (e.g. iron, zinc, B12, etc).

Weightloss Programmes at Bad Ragaz

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers weightloss programmes to help you lose weight and learn new habits for a healthier lifestyle. Available for stays of at least one week, the programme includes fitness, nutritional counselling and medical analysis of your excercise and eating habits.

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