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Globe Business College Munich: Customised and Individual Approach
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Situated in the heart of central Munich, this prestigious third-level business college gives students the knowledge and expertise they need to excel in business. At Globe College, the education has little to do with pre-determined learning outcomes. The real value is the exchange process that constantly challenges the students to stretch and move beyond their comfort zones to consistently become more structured and focused. It makes the students think on their feet, look at the bigger picture, have empathy, be dynamic, communicate in real time and take effective decisions.


Globe Business College is situated in the heart of Bavaria's bustling capital, with an endless array of transport, dining, and recreational options within easy reach. The city centre can be reached in 25 minutes on foot or a few minutes via public transportation.

Just 15 minutes away, you will find the Munich Central Station, a major transport hub with onward connections to most European destinations. Arriving from Munich Airport will take around 30 minutes by car.


Globe Business College Munich was founded in 2006 with the vision of creating a unique third-level business college catering to a specific niche of students, many of whom are the sons and daughters of successful company owners around the world.

Traditional College and degree education is largely focused on students learning knowledge and proving they have mastered theory through a set of examinations or assessments. The approach at Globe College is different.

Focus, passion, energy, seeing the bigger picture and the ability to take decisions are vital for the next generation, no matter what path they go. Creating those skills takes a consistent focus and involves energy investment in each individual student. That does not stop after students leave school but needs to be continued right through their College career and beyond. Globe College are specialists in this, they take students after school and develop them throughout a degree process, so that by the time they graduate they know where they want to go, the doors are open and they are confident in their abilities.

The College doesn’t just deal with students at degree level but also pre-degree and school going students can benefit from the unique educational model through shorter taster weekend courses (while they are still at school) and foundation programmes after they leave school but before they join University. The College is ideal for students who left their national system (because they felt the system wasn’t right for them) and went to school in the UK or for those who studied at boarding schools (and loved the family atmosphere and supportive environment). Both aspects are combined at Globe, not at school but College level, in for far as the educational approach is based on the Irish educational system but located in Germany and the relationship based model means the environment is family like, supportive and centred on each student.

Core Values:

An Irish and German Approach

Their BA (Hons) degree is fully accredited by the Irish government and the College has state acceptance in Bavaria to offer all three years of this degree programme in Germany. Teaching is completed in English, although they operate in a German speaking environment. Role-played based assessments, individual mentoring, and guaranteed internships promote practical as well as theoretical expertise.

A sense of community

The College is capped at 120 students. Each class group at Globe College is totally diverse with students selected not just on their academic achievements but also on the basis of what they bring to the group in terms of their cultural backgrounds, business experience and life goals.

Bespoke Education

A bespoke approach to education ensures each student learns in a way that caters to their individual needs. Rather than competing against one another, students develop skills at their own pace and receive guidance in identifying and working towards their ideal future career.

Real-world Company-Based Assessments

The College and its students have strong connections to companies around the world, which provides valuable resources for examinations and assignments. Having direct access to real companies and working on real-life case studies makes students well-equipped to excel in their future careers.

Parent/Student Company Swap Scheme

Parents from their relationship network swap their sons or daughters into each other’s companies for work placements, internships and jobs upon graduation. This means the students get high-level experience throughout their degree studies, as they are mentored by the owner of the companies. Have a look at the videos to see some of the students´ experience.

Relationship-Based Network

Their educational model is relationship based which means for them it is not about the size of the network but the strength of each relationship. That means their students are introduced to mentors, industry leaders, their graduates and individuals throughout their studies who are willing to support them in terms of career development, Master studies, entrepreneurial activities or whatever they set their heart on achieving.

Relationship-Based Recruitment

Students can engage with the institute through workshops and summer schools up to two years before beginning their studies. This unique approach allows students to familiarize themselves with the learning environment and get to know staff ahead of time so they can hit the ground running.


Bachelor (Hons) in Business:

A fully accredited (180 ECTS points) European degree done over three years. Students may continue to a Master's degree in Europe or abroad. The fee for the BA (Hons) in Business degree is 12,500 Euros per term (there are six terms over the three years of the degree, namely two per year). More information here.

Bachelor Degree Bridging Programme:

A one or two semester programme for students who don't possess the necessary entry requirements for a Bachelor's degree. After successful completion of one semester, students can, where agreed, gain entry to the Bachelor (Hons) in Business Studies degree offered at Globe College or apply for degree programmes in the United Kingdom. On successful completion of two semesters, students are awarded a Higher National Certificate, which may also be used to gain entry to the Bachelor at Globe College or at Universities around the world. The fee for the Bachelor Degree Bridging programme is 10,000 Euros per semester. More information here.

Foundation Programme in Business:

A gap year programme aimed at professional and personal development. It consists of five subjects which include interactive seminars and tutorials that cover real-world case studies and teach students how to apply theoretical knowledge into practice. The fee for the Foundation Business Programme (one semester) is 10,000 Euros. More information here.

Navigator Summer Business School:

An action packed 5 days of interactive business workshops with top professionals, industry leaders and real-life companies in Munich. As part of a group, students explore core areas of marketing, finance and management, and develop essential skills in time management, presentation and communication. The cost of the programme is 1,050 Euros (course fee only, no accommodation included) or 1,250 Euros (including accommodation). More information here.


To hear what our parents have to say about our education click here.

Next step

Throughout the year the College organises taster weekends where students can experience their educational approach and test whether they would like to study business at College level. The price for the workshop is 350 Euros. More information here.

Globe Business College Munich: Unique Business Bachelor Degree Education in Munich

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