Best Muslim friendly luxury hotels in Rome

Explore the ancient streets and sights of Rome. With the range of services and facilities available at our hotels, you'll have every reason to explore the Italian capital...
As a Muslim traveller your hotel must be conscious of your needs and requirements. At My Premium Europe we are sympathetic to this. So too are the fantastic range of luxury hotels in Rome that we represent. Take a look at our top 5 Islamic-friendly stays in the Italian capital:

Hassler Roma

Luxury Hotel Hassler sits in a charming spot overlooking the famous Spanish steps, sheltered from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This culture of convenience is matched by the services and facilities on offer to hotel guests. For Muslim travellers an array of in room provisions such as a bidet, Arabic TV channels and the option of female housekeeping are all on possible, not only these but a whole host of other options are also available to those whom request them.

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Regina Hotel Baglioni

Stylishly designed with colours and tones as rich as an Italian coffee, this beautiful hotel is as decadent as one would expect from the Italian capital.

An authentic option to crown your stay in Rome, this luxury hotel also caters to its Islamic guests, allowing you to concentrate fully on the sights and attractions of the city.

A range of food, female friendly and bedroom options allow Islamic guests the level of comfort that all deserve at the five star Hotel Baglioni. Female spa therapists, pork free cooking arrangements and copies of the Qur’an are just some examples of what you can expect.

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St Regis Roma

The St Regis gives a stately first impression with its richly dyed fabrics and fine marble columns. A Roman palace in the heart of the city’s historic centre, treats such as an upmarket gourmet restaurant will allow you to enjoy life’s luxuries in style at the St Regis.

The hotel makes our top 5 Islamic friendly hotels list thanks to a long list of provisions available as standard or on request such as copies of the Qur’an, Arabic TV channels, halal food and bidets in the hotel room or suite bathrooms.

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Rocco Forte Hotel de Russie

The Luxury five starred Hotel de Russie offers a calming haven to sink into, a welcome contrast to the vibrant and colourful nature of downtown Rome. A beautiful garden, perfect for al fresco dining, as well as a top of the range spa will delight you from check in to check out.

What is more, this hotel is well deserving of its Islamic friendly reputation given its Halal and Middle Eastern food options. To make some of their guests feel even more at home, the hotel also employs certain Arabic speaking staff members.

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La Posta Vecchia

Luxury hotel La Posta Vecchia sits only a short journey from Rome, pride of place on the beautiful Lazio coast. The historical 17th century walls of the hotel create a wonderfully authentic Italian feel for the fortunate hotel guests that grace its halls.

Making its way into our top 5 Islamic friendly hotels in the Rome area, the hotel boasts halal food options on advance request, Arabic TV channels as well as female therapists, meaning Muslim guests are not left out from enjoying this seaside sanctuary.

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