11 best coffee bars in Europe

11 best coffee and espresso bars in Europe for coffee geeks. A comprehensive list of gourmet cafes, coffee roasters and amazing drip coffee in cities from Amsterdam to Zurich. Life’s too short to drink bad coffee!

1. Sweet Cup Microroastery

This tiny coffee shop is located just off the busy and touristy Leidseplein in central Amsterdam (Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 101L, 1017NJ). The coffee here is roasted with great love and attention on site by the couple who own the shop giving the coffee a unique flavor.

When ordering a cup coffee guests must first smell the different types, and pick which one smells best for them, the one they choose is the coffee they get. This experience is quite fun and prevents you from picking your favorite coffee country. With a small assortment of homemade goods this is a real treat and a great way to recover after a long day in the busy streets of Amsterdam.

Top Tip: After smelling for your first cup of coffee order a cup of Costa Rican coffee made with the V60 drip, my favorite.

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2. Satan’s Coffee Corner

Owned by a 25 year-old local this place is real popular in Barcelona (Carrer de L Arc de Sant Ramon del Call 11, 08002). The beans are locally roasted because there is not enough space in the store. To quench your coffee desires you can order anything from espressos to specialized drip coffees like Aeropress. The food served here is all homemade and will give you a good start to the day if you eat breakfast here.

Top Tip: The owner Marcos Bartolomé makes his own blends which change with the seasons, ask to try the current blend.

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3. No Fire, No Glory!

This cute coffee shop is located in the heart of the trendy Prenzlauer Berg of Berlin (Rykerstrasse 45, 10405), just East of the world famous Alexanderplatz. Set in a small side street this medium sized coffee bar is buzzing with life. With its laid back attitude and hipster ambiance it is a great place to get work done or just meet some friends. The excellent selection of pastries and goodies are all homemade and greatly compliment the taste of their excellently prepared coffee by the skillful baristas. With a large selection of drip coffees like a V60 drip or Aeropress and a larger selection of espresso beverages No Fire, No Glory! Really has it all.

Top Tip: Ask for the special bean selection from the micro lot in Guatemala, there are a limited number of beans so be quick.

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4. Caffe Scudiere Firenze

Located right on the square of the Duomo in Florence (Piazza di San Giovanni 19/R, 50129) this café was established in 1939 and has been serving excellent coffee ever since. It also boasts its popular homemade pastries and desserts that you can enjoy with your espresso. This classy espresso bar in the heart of Florence caters to tourists but also to locals who know what’s good.

Top Tip: On a hot day come in to the caffe sit down and just take in the beauty of this historic establishment as you cool down, don’t forget to order that tasty espresso.

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5. Copenhagen Coffee Lab

With the concept of “just coffee” this place really knows what it is doing. The coffee is roasted at the headquarters in Copenhagen. The baristas here strive to brew the perfect cup for customers whether it be an espresso or drip coffee, there are very little snacks available as that would go against their concept. This is however a great place in Lisbon (Rua nova da Piedade 10, 1200-405) to meet friends or get some work done.

Top Tip: The store concept is “just coffee” so try it, stay away from sugar and milk, and let the full flavor of the coffee beans take you away.

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6. Prufrock Coffee

This coffee shop is run by the 2009 Barista world champion, with a lively atmosphere and great open space. There is a great selection of coffee and the baristas behind the bar know exactly what they are doing. Weather you ask for a drip coffee or an espresso beverage it will always be prepared with precision. This is a great place for meeting friends or just work. Located in Brick Lane, London (Leather Lane 23, EC1N7TE) this coffee bar also offer many great snacks and meals for hungry tourists.

Top Tip: Ask for Gwilym Davies, the barista world champion and watch him make a work of art with you cup of coffee.

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7. Caffe Sforzesco

This café is all class, if you are looking for looking for a great espresso near the Duomo in Milan (Via Meravigli 2, 20123) this is the place to go. This older establishment is visited by locals who enjoy drinking fine espressos and milky coffees for breakfast. This is a great place to get your morning wake up shot and a fine pastry.

Top Tip: Named after the castle in Milan “Castello Sforzesco” it’s a great place to learn about the history of the town and its coffee culture.

8. Vits

Located close to the Museum Island in Munich (Rumfordstrasse 49, 80469) this coffee place is a great place to recharge after a day on the island or a great place to start the day before heading to the island. This Café not only boasts its own roaster but also a store to buy the coffee and accessories. The espresso beverages here fly over the counter and are made with extreme care from which you can expect only the best quality.

Top Tip: Ask for the “Einmal um die Welt” (once around the world) espresso shot, it’s the café’s famous espresso mix.

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9. Ten Belles Coffee Bar

This tiny café in the center of Paris (Rue De La Grange Aux Belles 10, 75010) a great way to get away from the busy city. With a great selection of homemade pastries. The baristas here strive to create the perfect cup of brewed coffee for you to enjoy in the relaxed environment. This place focuses more on espresso beverages rather than the time consuming drip coffee.

Top Tip: After tasting the season’s coffee blend ask for a cup of “guest coffee” which is produced by a different roaster each month, this is when they get their spot in the lime light.

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10. Caffe Tazza D’Oro

Located near the Pantheon this Caffe is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Famous for its amazing espresso shots this is a must when in Rome (Via degli Orfani 84, 00186) and visiting the Pantheon. Some things to remember when in Italy, you often pay before you get your espresso and it is out of the question to order milky beverages after breakfast. This Coffee shop roasts its own beans and always has a great variety to choose from.

Top Tip: If you have the time watch the master roaster roast the beans in the store, the process takes about 30 minutes, just wait for the amazing smells of freshly roasted coffee.

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11. Benzin & Koffein

Located just outside the heart of Zurich (Aemtlerstrasse 48, 8003) this coffee bar is a hidden gem that not many local Swiss know about. The specialty coffee industry has not taken Zurich by storm yet and this is the only place in town that will make you a killer cup of coffee any time of the day. With a great assortment of drip coffee instruments; Chemex, Syphon, Aeropress and many more there are enough ways to enjoy coffee all day long. If you would rather enjoy a great espresso beverage then this is the place for you, always made to perfection these drinks are to die for. With a great selection of homemade meals and snacks served all day this is the best place to meet friends.

Top Tip: Try a syphon drip coffee, it’s a treat to taste and to watch the process as well.

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