Top 9 ski schools in Val d’Isère

With the right teachers, beginners and children can easily learn how to ski in Val d’Isère – Advanced can also improve their existing skills!
The ski area of Val d’Isère is one of the best in the world and its variety makes it very interesting. Whether beginner or expert – everyone finds the perfect area for their requirements and with engaged teachers you can soon face new challenges. Our ski expert tested the ski schools and recommends you only the top 9!

1. Alpine Experience (for freeriders)

The team of the Alpine Experience ski school are experts for off-slope skiing or snowboarding! The experienced teachers of the school guarantee safety off the slopes and you quickly make huge progress!

Top tip: You can also book your private teacher who is only there for you!

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2. École du Ski Français Val d’Isère (ski, snowboard and cross-country skiing)

At this ski school you can learn how to ski, snowboard or cross-country ski – you can also perfectly improve your skills! The expert teams of ambitious teachers tell you everything you need to know and learning is great fun here!

Top tip: The teachers will also show you the hidden spots of the mountains!

Visit Website - ESF Val d'Isère

3. Evolution Val d’Isère (for adventurers)

The ski school is for all those who enjoy the thrills off the slopes. At the same time you can be sure, that you are in good hands and very secure!

Top tip: This school also offers heli-skiing – for the extra adrenaline kick!

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4. Misty Fly Ski and Snowboard school (Snowboard and off -piste skiing)

The Misty Fly ski school is perfect for snowboarders who love the off-slope experience! The experienced teachers know the area very well and they will also take you to the secret places!

Top tip: Whether private teacher or group lessons – you will progress very fast!

Visit Website - Misty Fly Val d'Isère

5. Top Ski Val d’Isère (for children and beginners)

Top ski school has got a huge offer, but children and beginners especially profit from this school. Friendly and patient teachers show them how to ski with a lot of fun and the needed security.

Top tip: The ski school is also great for advanced, who like to improve!

6. Snow and Fun Val d’Isère (for everyone)

The title says it: Snow and Fun! You learn here in a funny and exuberant atmosphere and with the help of the teachers you will quickly improve!

Top tip: Kids will fall in love with this school!

Visit Website - Snow and Fun Val d'Isère

7. Oxygène Ski School (for children, beginners and advanced)

This ski school has many great offers and in little groups everyone will improve together in just a short amount of time. You and your kids are in safe hands and they consider everyone’s requirements!

Top tip: If your children join a Day-course they will also will be provided with lunch!

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8. Mountain Masters (private teachers and small groups)

The mountain masters are the experts on the mountain! You can choose between group courses or your own private teacher! Whether skiing or snowboarding, the teachers pass their knowledge on to you and you will soon be an expert!

Top tip: The mountain masters are very flexible – just let them know your wishes!

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9. (ideal for alternative winter sports activities)

Of course, you can learn how to ski in this ski school, but the alternative winter sports like snowshoe trekking or ice climbing are the focus here! This is also a great school for off-piste skiing and snowboarding!

Top tip: You can meet your teacher in several areas – if you have a favorite area, just let them know.

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