The best places for sunsets in the Dolomites

If the Sistine chapel holds the ceiling, the Dolomites are Italy’s rooftop: gaze up at the brushstrokes of the heavens with our guide to the best sunset spots around
The long list of alpine sports, sights, walks, and restaurants on offer in the Dolomites is enough to occupy you from dawn til dusk. Why not end your day with a moment of pure bliss, as the sun casts its matinee performance on its rocky stage below.

A sun set in the Dolomites might just steal the show as the unique geology of the so called ‘pale mountains’, provide photo frame moments to last a lifetime.

Be sure not to miss a ray as we guide you through the best sunset spots in the region.

Alpe de Suisi

With an area the size of 8,000 football pitches, by evening the Alpe di Suisi becomes a finely tuned amphitheatre, ready to capture the solar delights above. Snow-capped peaks soundproof the set as silence descends in anticipation of the imminent performance.

Hiking, biking, golf and maybe even a summer afternoon’s dip in the local swim spot, Lake di Fie, may shape your day, but be sure to stay long enough to catch the sun’s final embers as your evenings take on a different dimension altogether.

San Genesio

At a height of 3,457 ft, it is no wonder that the village of San Genesio commands some of the best sunset views in the Dolomites. Lush green textures of the Salto forests carpet the landscape, contrasting exquisitely with the pure red tones that can be seen across the Rosengarten.

Poetry is never far away in this corner of the world as the colour of passion ignites your evenings. Jump in a cable car from Bolzano and in the 8 minute ride you will have ample time to select your viewpoint as vineyards lead the way to the village.

Sopra Bolzano

Below the heady heights of San Genesio, Soprabolzano is a special spot accessible by the Renon cable car. With its 4 minute connection to Bolzano, why not sip a cold Bavarian brew in this charming location before making your assent to San Genesio.

Some say this elegant spot boasts the best views of the Dolomites, but with the wondrous and winding train journey to Collalbo, why not explore this theory for yourself? Be sure to take in every texture and tone, as meadows, fields and flowers greet you along the way.

Mount Lagazuoi

The summit of Mount Lagazuoi offers a humbling spot to contemplate the historic world war one trench sites that scar your mountainside assent.

The peace and beauty that emanate from this sunset viewpoint seem paradoxical to the horrors of war that once ravaged the region.

Listen carefully in this historical sunset sanctuary, as the stories of ages old whisper from the valleys below.

The Mermolada Glacier

Referred to by some as the Queen of the Dolomites, this region towers majestically over surrounding peaks and will leave you feeling like royalty in its presence.

Nowhere in the Dolomites offers views that reach quite as far. Where better to watch the setting sun as you scan across the horizon.

On a clear day the spires of Vienna may even be seen, while closer to home the beautiful colours of sunset flood the ‘pale mountains’ and valley floors below.