Best gourmet restaurants in the Dolomites

Did you know the Dolomites have the highest density of Michelin-starred chefs in Italy? Discover the most mouth-watering cuisine with our handy restaurant guide.
The Dolomites is home to the highest concentration of Michelin-starred chefs in Italy. If you are passionate about food, this Michelin mecca is the ultimate in food pilgrimages. Follow our five stop tour of the region as you set out to find the holy grail of Italian cuisine.

La Stua de Michil

A humble and homely diner spiced up with a real dedication to serving excellent food. La Stua packs a punch as this popular restaurant tempts its loyal diners back, time after time.

Pride of the hotel La Perla, the fine furnishings, bathed in the glow of the restaurant chandeliers; feel pleasantly warm after a cold day on the slopes. If it weren’t for the sumptuous smells seeping from the kitchen, one might easily imagine themselves with a good book in a quiet corner of this charming restaurant.

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Gourmet Restaurant Balance

Armin Mairhofer – the award winning chef of the Gourmet Restaurant Balance – is not only preparing extraordinary delicacies, he is also taking care that these harmonize with holistic well-being. These tempting creations are based on nutritional knowledge and are served in a picturesque setting.

The restaurant uses only the freshest and best ingredients and many persons will be surprised how delicious, “healthy” can be!

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La Siriola

Offering a more modern feel, this restaurant is designed with a stylish combination of white walls and elegant lighting.

Style is met with substance as flavour filled treats line the menus. A selection of wines, meticulously chosen to compliment the dishes served, highlights just how fine an art restaurant culture can be.

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Alpenroyal Gourmet

Armed with award winning menus and a passion for food that burns as red as a Dolomite sunset, this gourmet restaurant is the crowning jewel of 5 star luxury hotel Alpenroyal.

With standards as high as the surrounding peaks, the selection of Alpine, Mediterranean and Indian wonders will leave your taste buds tingling.

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Anna Stuben

If you’re on the lookout for an experience of Alpine authenticity, look no further than the Anna Stuben.

As Michelin-starred chef Raimund cooks up a storm worthy of its mountainous setting, the cosy ambiance and wooden décor in the main restaurant will seem worlds away from the winter chills outside.

Feast on the sumptuous local produce, all skilfully presented as gourmet treats for you to warm your cockles after a long day on the slopes.

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St Hubertus

Starting life as a gourmet pizzeria, under the guidance of head chef Norbert Niederkofler, the St Hubertus has fast become one of the finest restaurants in the Dolomites.

With a selection of hearty yet painstakingly prepared dishes, this winner of 2 Michelin stars will be sure to excite the senses as you are left fully fuelled for an evening out on the town in San Cassiano.

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