The Merano Wine Festival

Find out more about the Merano Wine Festival – what you can find, what you can drink and where you can buy tickets. We’ll drink to that.
In the Italian spa town of Merano, luxury hotels, beautiful mountain walks and summer concerts make this a 5 star holiday destination for even the most seasoned vacationer.

Yet the crowning jewel of this town, nestled in the foothills of the Dolomites, is a global sensation that hosts hundreds of wine producers and connoisseurs each year.

Class in a glass may be befitting of a lesser event, but the truth is no pun can encapsulate the culture of excellence that pulsates through this, ‘the world’s most exclusive’ wine festival.

The Wine Festival

In 2011 the Merano wine festival celebrated its 20th anniversary. Meticulous methods of preparation ensure the event is the toast of the town, and there is every reason to think the event will continue to light up the wine world for twenty more years.

A team of 9 tasting committees carefully select 120 winemakers from around the world, as well as 300 from Italy. Neither choice nor quality disappoint in this full-bodied event.

So grab a glass and let your taste buds do the walking on your journey around the wine world.

The Food

Tasty delights are at hand in the Culineria section of the festival to help soak up the excesses of the day. The fine cuisine does not disappoint as every aspect of your experience is worthy of the events superfluous reputation.

The gourmet arena provides an edge of competition and excitement to the refined atmosphere. Michelin starred chefs are pitted against each other as cuisine evolves before your very eyes. This truly is show-cooking at its very best.

Away from the entertainment of the gourmet arena, Biodynamica offers a thoughtful insight into the relationship between the wine industry and the environment. A wonderful selection of organic, biodynamic and natural produce, give you a tantalising taste of contemporary viticulture.

At the Merano wine festival sophistication swims through the air as the drink of the Romans celebrates its long history.

The Town

Only a short journey from the Austrian border, this Italian town has plenty of charm to offer the discerning holiday maker. With ski resorts close by, the town is a highlight of the Dolomites whatever the season.

Leaving the buzz of excitement from the wine festival behind, there is plenty to occupy you in this idyllic spot among Italy’s awe inspiring ‘Pale Mountains’.

Whether you take a dip in the thermal baths, explore the wonders of the Dolomites, or even try out the traditional ‘grape cure’, famed for its blood cleansing properties in the region, you can be certain a trip to Merano will be the at summit of your holiday.