What is a boarding school? In countries like the United Kingdom and Switzerland, there is a strong tradition of boarding education: many of the oldest and most prestigious educational institutions are boarding schools.
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If you aren't sure what a boarding school is, think about it like this: boarding schools are essentially normal schools with accommodation attached. There are many advantages to boarding education, including a strong sense of community, better academic development and more opportunities for extra-curricular activities. Our series of articles will help you find answers for common questions about boarding schools in Europe.

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The idea of boarding school might be scary if you have never gone to one before. In this article, we answer some common questions from parents and children who ...
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How much does it really cost to go to one of the best boarding schools in Britain, and is it worth it?...
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Small is beautiful: the effect of class size and teacher:pupil ratios on your child's learning....
What can I do if I miss the application deadline? // Karlovy Vary
Missing the admission deadline of a boarding school can seem the end of the world but this practical guide by Carlsbad International School offers great tips on...

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