7 Tips For Successful Late Boarding School Applications

Missing the admission deadline of a boarding school can seem the end of the world but this practical guide by Carlsbad International School offers great tips on how to be successful with your late application!

So it turns out that you are still looking for a boarding school for the upcoming academic year. Maybe you started your school search late or maybe you weren’t admitted into the school of your first choice. Whatever your case may be, you still have plenty of opportunities to get into a good boarding school if you follow the next 7 tips:

1. Stay Proactive

It can be hard to look for another school if you haven‘t been accepted by your first choice or if you have missed its deadline but there are many good boarding schools that have mid-term or in-year admissions. In fact, sometimes boarders are admitted in any term. However, mid term applications can be often linked to restrictions so make sure you double check them to avoid disappointments.

2. Have All The Paperwork Ready

After contacting Admissions organise all your school transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a copy of your ID and be prepared to hand them in at any time.

3. Prepare Your Interview

If you want to speed up the process and impress the board make sure that you research the school and answer all the questions with honesty. Schools interview thousands of students so they know right away when you’re lying. Dubious answers can be perceived as lack of interest, so be careful.

The most frequently asked questions are:

What are your hobbies and interests?

What do you like most about school?

What do you hope to accomplish at school?

What are your future goals?

4. Use Your Summer Holidays To Improve Your CV

If you are an international student, summer is the perfect time to improve your English language skills. Read classics, watch TV and films in English, or listen to the radio. You can also attend intensive language courses in your hometown or travel abroad to improve your language and social skills. Getting out of your comfort zone and showing that you want to go the extra mile often impresses a school far more than a language certificate.

5. Stay In Touch With School

Late applicants can be waitlisted. If this is your case, do not panic. Instead, keep in touch with the school; showing that you are interested in attending will make you attractive. Schools are always looking for passionate students who don’t give up.

6. Visit The School In Person

If the school is not too far away from where you live, or if you want them to see that you truly want to get in, visit the school. But before visiting, research it and write down any questions you may have about academics, student life, etc. Once on campus, don’t be shy to ask current students and teachers about them.

7. Stay Positive!

This can be a very stressful moment for both you and your parents, but if you stay positive, we guarantee you it will pay off. Perseverance and commitment are highly valued skills that will ensure you reach all your immediate and future academic goals!

All the best for the 2016-2017 academic year!

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