Boarding school league tables explained

What’s in a league table? There are many reasons why parents consider boarding school education for their child. Make the process easier with our advice on how to start choosing.
Which is the best boarding school in the UK? It‘s not an easy question to answer, but understanding the overwhelming amount of information about British boarding schools is a good start. Our experts review the boarding school ranking criteria to give you some food for thought.

A-Level results

A-Levels are the main qualification that pupils study after reaching 16 years of age in the UK. The pass rate indicates how many pupils passed 3 or more A-Level subjects with A* to E grades in the annual exams.

The main benchmark for exam success, the A-Level pass rate is a key indicator of the quality of teaching and individual support that pupils can expect.

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University entry

The Oxbridge entry rate refers to the number of pupils that are admitted to Oxford or Cambridge University after school.

These universities are rank among the top universities in the world, and competition is extremely fierce to get an education at one of these prestigious institutions.

Typically, entry to either Oxford or Cambridge depends on both exam results and an entry interview and exam. Schools with a high percentage of Oxbridge entries offer an excellent preparation for this entry process.

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Tuition fees

The cost of tuition at the best boarding schools in Britain varies enormously.

There are many reasons for the diversity in price, but depends greatly on whether you are looking for full boarding, flexi-boarding or for a private day school.

The schools at the very top end of the price scale trade on their reputation for a certain type of education that goes beyond pure exam results.

It’s a good idea to seriously consider several schools, since market forces dictate that the most popular schools are likely to be the most expensive. 

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Pupil / teacher ratio

Another way of judging school performance is the ratio of pupils to teachers in the school, which is a good indicator of the level of individual support your child can expect.

If you are looking for a school that provides a very nurturing environment, choosing somewhere that will allow them to have a close relationship with the staff is a good place to start.

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