Boarding school advantages for your child

What is a boarding school and what are the benefits of going to one? Our article looks at the advantages of going away to school.
Every child has particular educational needs to help them develop to their full potential. Boarding schools remain a popular choice and are widely included in the top ranking schools in the UK, Switzerland and beyond. So just what are the advantages of a boarding school education?

A close community

Boarding schools offer pupils a strong sense of community within their boarding houses.

In most British boarding schools, there is also a strong element of tradition associated with individual houses, which helps to seal the loyalty pupils feel to their school.

Because they spend so much time together, pupils tend to feel much closer to their house, to their friends and to their school than in normal schools.

A mix of ages in most school houses means that older pupils mix socially with younger pupils as role models.

Academic support

Another reason to opt for boarding schools is their excellent provision of academic support.

Generally, pupils are able to have academic lessons in the evening, which permits them to study extra subjects or have more intensive revision of classwork.

Boarding schools are well placed to offer individual support in case of learning or behavioural difficulties, as well as one-to-one support with homework.

Typically, boarding pupils also enjoy a much broader education than at day schools, in terms of sport, arts and music lessons.

Extracurricular excellence

Boarding school pupils are able to do a lot more sport, music, art, drama and other activities than in a day school. Since teachers live in the school, they are on hand to lead activities in the evening and at weekends.

This means pupils can achieve a higher standard in their chosen activity, as well as have a chance to experience as many new things as possible.

Full boarding, full lives

With increasing demand for flexibility in modern life, only a few private schools accept only boarding pupils.

However, schools with no day pupils are in an excellent position because they can offer all pupils the same opportunities to pursue extra-curricular activities and tuition.

It makes it much easier to organise sports tournaments and theatre rehearsals, for example, if everyone is available to attend. Pupils reap the rewards of such a full range of opportunities for lifelong learning.

Education, made to measure

The small class sizes in most boarding schools mean that learning is extremely effective. Many parents like the positive impact this has on personal development.

Young people’s individual skills and talents can also be intensively encouraged as result of educational facilities that are tailored to the needs of individual children.

In addition, parents expect several advantages from boarding schools, such as attention to a child’s special requirements and better socialising skills.

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