The best hiking trails in the Dolomites

Have a wander through our walkers guide to the Dolomites: you may just stumble upon something special

Feel your stress levels plummet with a walking holiday in the Dolomites.

Natural beauty, a sense of the great outdoors, and all the luxuries a designer holiday may afford are waiting for you at Italy’s summit.

With our selection of the best walking tours around, we aim to give you a taste of what’s on offer.

Alta Badia

Prefer meadows to mountaintops? Look no further than the glorious pastures of Alta Badia.

Nestled beneath the areas high peaks, you will be able to enjoy the skyline delights while barely breaking a sweat.

Dramatic cathedrals of rock give way to a gentler composition of grassland, meadows and friendly alpine villages.

Starting in one of the 6 towns in Badia, let the sights, sounds and smells guide you in your search of waterfalls, lakes and enchanted forests.

The centre of Corvara makes an excellent basecamp as you wind your way through woodlands and pastures, before long you will find yourself opposite the beautiful Pisciadu waterfalls.

Other local delights such as Colfosco, La Villa, San Cassiano, Bada and La Val all boast wonderful trails from 30 minute jaunts to 3 hour hikes.

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Edging steadily up the difficulty spectrum, a fantastic array of medium difficulty paths, await those looking to burn a few calories during the holiday period.

In the heart of the Dolomites the awesome views that surround the Tre Cime di Lavaredo prove popular among walkers and photographers.

Why not make a day of it along a medium difficulty trail? As you pass landscapes pitter pattered by tiny lakes and pinpricked with poppies, fresh glasses of cold milk may be served up for you in the region’s dairy farms.

Take a moment to enjoy the splendid views of the many peaks that furnish this awesome spot. The beautiful blue lake of Misurina is a highlight as you weave your way between the three peaks.

Sesto in Alta Pusteria

Adrenalin junkies and those with a penchant for adventure need look no further than Sesto in Alta Pusteria. For those not afraid to sample some of the more challenging walks in the Dolomites, the selection of snow walks and via ferratas in the region provide intense walking for all seasons.

By winter the flora filled landscape lies beneath thick snow, cloaked in silence. Don your snow shoes and you will be transported to another world. If it is an unforgettable experience that you are after, the snow tours from Sesto are difficult to beat.

Come spring time, the area’s selection of via ferratas, meaning iron road in English, could be just the adrenalin rush you’re looking for. Edge your way along steep mountain passes as your journey will be as memorable as the views from above.

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